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General Questions: TOP

What is a children's seasonal consignment sale? TOP

It is a mothers treasure dream!  The sale is twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall.  You can find seasonal gently-used items at a fraction of their retail prices!  You will also find a variety of everyday essentials good for the whole year.

What items do you accept and sell? TOP

All items must be in VERY good condition!  No stains, missing buttons, missing parts, etc.

Clothes Size Tummy to Teen (Size 0Months-PLUS Size Adult and Maternity all in gently used or new condition, this means no missing buttons, tears, or stains)
Boutique brand clothing
Seasonal outerwear
Shoes in GREAT shape
Accessories such as hair bows, ties, hats, belts, etc.
Toys, games & puzzles with all the pieces and in working order (with batteries)
Bicycles, tricycles, riding toys, scooters, skateboards, etc
Sports equipment such as balls, bats, gloves, skates, shin-guards, etc.
Gymnastics & Dance wear
Baby Accessories (Bouncers, Saucers, Walkers, Swings, Bumbos (with safety strap), Boppys, High Chairs, table booster seats, etc)
Car Seats under 6 years old  (manufacture date must be visible on seat)
Dress Up Items
Bath Seats (all types & sizes)
Furniture  (Dressers, Beds, Gliders, Bookshelves)
Cribs (Absolutely No Drop Side cribs)
Bedding (bumpers only sold within a set, unless breathable)
Nursery or children's room decor (lamps, pictures, decorations, frames, etc.)
Bath tubs
Outdoor toys such as wagons, slides, swings, sandboxes (without sand!), Little Tikes Play gyms, etc
CDs/DVDs/Video Games
Seasonal Winter/Cold Weather clothes/gear

Stuffed Animals non-battery powered
Drop-side cribs
Underwear (unless in an unopened package)
No Seasonal/Holiday Items for Spring/Summer (July 4th, etc) (save them for the SPRING sale!)

Breast Pumps

Childrens Folding Chairs

Bumbos without safety strap

Where and When is the sale held? TOP

WINCHESTER, VA The FALL sale will be held September 25-27, 2015 at the Sportsplex (Body Renew Fitness and Family Sports Center) located at 221 Commonwealth Court, Winchester, VA 22601

HARRISONBURG, VA The FALL sale will be held November 13-15, 2015 at the Rockingham County Fair Grounds located at 4808 South Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA 22801. 

Can I participate in BOTH the Winchester and Harrisonburg sale? TOP

YES YOU CAN! You will be able to keep your SAME consignor number and password and transfer inventory between both sales! You will need to register for EACH sale seperately from our website and consignor portal

What is the difference between a consignment sale and a garage sale or resale shop? TOP

This sale is NOT a garage sale, yard sale, or thrift store. We carefully inspect every item that arrives at our sale to ensure that everything is clean without stains, meets current styles and is in working order.  All items are organized so that it is easy to shop and find the sizes and types of items you are looking for.  There will be no digging in boxes and no tables of messy clothing.  Clothing is all hung up and organized by size.  Toys are grouped with like items and furniture will be paired with their matching items.  Prices are set by each consignor and are firm.


Shopping Questions: TOP

What forms of payment do you accept? TOP

We Accept Cash, Visa and Mastercard. No checks please!


Visa Mastercard

Is there room to manuever a stroller while shopping? TOP

YES! You are welcome to bring a stroller, but we reserve the right to inspect all bags and under carriers.

Can I bring my own bags to shop? TOP

We do have bags to shop with, but you are welcome to bring your own laundry basket.  We will have bags to take all your great deals home in though!

Can I get in to shop early? TOP


Consignors, volunteers and vendors will be able to shop the pre-sale day, Thursday September 24, 2015 to see what time you qualify to shop please click here .  The public sale will begin Friday September 25, 2015 at 9am, and all may shop for a $2 entrance fee until noon, the rest of the sale hours will be FREE admission!


Consignors, volunteers and vendors will be able to shop the pre-sale day, Thursday November 12, 2015 to see what time you qualify to shop please click here .  The public sale will begin Friday November 13, 2015 at 9am, and all may shop for a $2 entrance fee until noon, the rest of the sale hours will be FREE admission!

Is there a charge to get in to shop? TOP

There is $2 admission charge during the first hours of public sale, from 9am to Noon on Friday.  The rest of the sale times are FREE!

Can I bring my children? TOP

Children are welcome to come with you to the sale! We ask that you keep them supervised at all times and NOT allow them to open or play with the toys for sale.  Children are NOT allowed to accompany you to a volunteer shift.


Consigning Questions: TOP

How do I price my items? TOP

PRICE TO SELL! We would rather mail you a large check at the end of the sale, then hand you a large lot of unsold items.

We only have a few rule when it comes to pricing your items, please click here for more info

What happens to my items that don't sell? TOP


Consignor pick up is from 2pm-6pm on Sunday, Septeber 27th, 2015.  You designate the items to be donated while you are creating your tags.  All items marked "donate" AS WELL AS ALL ITEMS NOT PICKED UP by 6pm will be donated to a local charity.


Consignor pick up is from 2pm-6pm on Sunday, November 15th, 2015.  You designate the items to be donated while you are creating your tags.  All items marked donate" AS WELL  AS ALL ITEMS NOT PICKED UP  by 6pm will be donated to a local charity. 

How many items can I bring to consign? TOP

As many as you want! ** We do ask that you limit your 0-12 month clothing items to your VERY BEST, since our inventory is usually full of these articles. 

NEW!!! ** please limit your maternity, ladies/womens, and juniors to 25 items for each of those categories! LIMIT MENS TO 10 items. 


How do I find out if an item has been recalled? TOP

Please visit for the most up-to-date recall information.

Where do I bring my items? TOP

WINCHESTER, VA, You will bring your items to the Sportsplex located at 221 Commonwealth Ct, Winchester, VA 22602 at the time you selected for your drop off appointment.

HARRISONBURG, VA You will bring your items to the Rockingham County Fair Grounds located at 4808 South Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 at the time you selected for your drop off appointment. 

Please choose one drop off time per 150 items for Wednesday or Thursday of sale week. Drop off shift scheduling for Winchester location will be open at 10am on Friday, July 31, 2015.  Drop off shift for Harrisonburg location will be open at 10am on Friday, September 11, 2015.  Please expect drop off to take between 45-60 minutes; we will work hard to get everyone out as quickly as possible.  Arrive to your drop off shift 15 minutes early to bring your items into the building.  From there, you will be sent to a volunteer to fill out your paperwork and check your items prior to them landing on our sales floor.  Once your items have been checked through, you will be able to take your non-sellable items back home with you right then.  Our volunteers will then set the items out on the sales floor.  If you bring your clothing organized by size, this will greatly speed up your process.
You will be able to check the status of your items each evening of the sale by logging into you consignor portal.  Sale progress will be updated approximately one hour after the sale closes each evening on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

What happens to my hanger when my item sells? TOP

The hangers are sold as part of your item.  Due to the fast-paced nature of our events, it is not feasible to remove them during the checkout process.

How can I keep track of what I've sold during the event? TOP

Its easy! The software we use will allow you to track your sales each day. Just log in every evening (please allow a few hours to pass after the sale closes) and check how you are doing! We will be uploading inventory reports each night for our consignors.

When will I receive my earnings? TOP

WE NOW OFFER PAYPAL as a form of payment! This option allows your earnings to be deposited directly to your PayPal account quickly (about 7-10 days after the sale ends) and easily without having to wait for the mailman. If you choose paper check, we will send them out within two weeks of the last day of the sale.


How should I tag my items? TOP

We've gathered some easy tips to help you thru this process, please click here for more information on tagging.

How do I group multiple items to be sold in a set? TOP

Clothing items can be hung on separate hangers and then tied together, please note on item's tag description how many items are with the set. If you choose to use safety pins, PLEASE to not damage the item you are grouping together, safety pins as well as tagging gun barbs should be placed on the INSIDE clothing size tag or INSIDE SEAM. Please maintain the quality of your items by not placing holes on the outside of the clothing.

Toys can be bagged together, tied together, or taped together, again, as long as you do maintain the items quality and make sure as much of the paired items are visible.

How do I keep shoes together? TOP

Please tie shoes together with a piece of ribbon or zip tie.

How should I present my items? TOP

Small clothing ARE TO BE hung on child-sized plastic hangers, and larger clothing items should use classic plasttic or metal shirt/pant hangers.  You may use hangers your clothes came on from a store, or you may buy some.  Please make sure your items are presented appropriately. DO NOT fold pants over hangers. Items that are free of wrinkles sell better, consider ironing your higher valued items!

For toys, furniture, etc. please make sure every piece is together and CLEAN.  A little lysol and Magic Eraser go a long way. Please bring your items in compact form (if they fold together) and make sure the tag is visible in their smallest form.

What charity should I list on my donation report? TOP

In Winchester, we donate to the following places:

CCAP  Tax ID 23-7433688  (a mix of everything donated)

Froggy's Closet Tax ID 45-3572511 (a mix of everything donated)

Front Royal Pregnanty Center Tax ID 54-1583685 (up to size 2)


Merchant Questions: TOP

What kind of businesses do you accept? TOP

Any business that is geared toward women, babies, kids, or the family.  We have the right to refuse any business that we feel does not represent the quality or style we encourage, or is not in line with the morals we value.

What advertising does Mom 2 Mom Consignment do for the sale? TOP

We are posting flyers, sending home flyers to many area preschools, and setting flyers out at many area businesses.  Our yard signs around town are a very popular draw.  We will be advertising in The Winchester Star, as well as working on getting articles in many more local media outlets.  We are taking advantage of Craiglist and Facebook (including paid ads), to promote the sale.  We will also be utlizing many advertising outlets within the Sportsplex and Fair Grounds.

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